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Volunteers Packing Food

Community Pet Pantry

At Rainbow Pack Pet Care, we believe in caring for all pets. We know that sometimes the humans that care for these pets need help providing their pets with some necessities. We never want to see a pet relinquished by a family for not being able to afford the cost of their care.


Therefore, with the assistance of some of our incredible clients, we have opened a Community Pet Pantry. This pantry is open to all, providing items such as food, toys, treats, bedding, leashes, collars, litter, etc. at no cost.

There are no qualifications and no surveys to fill out with personal information. In order to access the pantry, all you need to do is text our line at (858) 727-8773 with the item(s) you are in need of, and we will schedule a time to meet and bring you the item(s). That's it!


We hope that this will help create a bit of stability during stressful times. 

Two Bowls of Pet Food
Pet Toys
Cat Sleeping
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